Container of Love Medical Clinic Mission

Wrightsville First started a mission project in cooperation with Unit the Least of His Ministries to covert a shipping container into an OBGYN clinic that will go to Ghana Africa. This mission is a part of a larger mission to provide much needed support to indigenous populations.

The container will have three rooms and will be solar powered. To find out more, stop in and check out our process. The container is located at the front of the church in the green space on the corner. Stop and See!

      "The Greatest is Love" 

Paul wrote the church in Corinth, "So now, faith, hope, and love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is love." The love Paul is talking about is "agape" the unconditional love from God. How can you help? Prayers are always welcome. You can support us through buying one of our t-shirts or through other benevolences. Contact us to find out more via our Facebook, email, phone text or you can stop by and check out our progress; you're always welcome.

Why a Medical Clinic?

The country of Ghana is working hard to reduce the infant mortality rate and pregnancy related complications, but access to proper health care is difficult for thousands of people in these regions. For Unto the Least of His in cooperations with other groups are working to help solve these issues. The Container of Love project at Wrightsville is a part of a larger vision for ten containers to converted into medical clinics. Why did Wrightsville First choose to participate? To answer simply...for the love and witness of Jesus Christ.


T-shirts are available for $20 for short-sleeves and $25 for long-sleeves. You can contact us for yours through our Facebook page, email, text, and we will have them available onsite when we are working on the container.